Pakistan is a developing country and a major portion of our beloved country is not rich. But still, there are billionaires in Pakistan. That comes from a lower background and reach the top just because of hard work. All these billionaires have the common thing which is they did not run after the money but they run after their goals and ultimately they not only achieve their goals but also become rich and successful in their respective fields. You are on startupx platform and you are reading Billionaires Pakistan.

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Top 8 Billionaires In Pakistan:

We make up this list after careful evaluation. Many people have the misconception that Mr. Mian Mansha is the richest or the number one billionaire from Pakistan. But the reality is a little different. There are also some overseas Pakistanis who because of their hard work and dedication achieved the title of Billionaires Pakistan. Let’s read about those in detail.

1. Shahid Khan:

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Shahid Khan is the overseas Pakistani. He is basically from Lahore Pakistan. He has a net worth of 10.2 billion US dollars. The owner of a Flex N Gate company is Shahid Khan. This company manufactures Automobile parts specially bumpers. Shahid Khan also owns the football team named Jacksonville Jaguars. Shahid Khan is also very famous because of his mustache. With the net worth of 10.2 billion USD, Shahid Khan is the number one Pakistani billionaire.

2. Mohammed Anwar Pervez Obe:

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Mohammed Anwar Pervez was born in Rawalpindi. He is the second Pakistani billionaire with a net worth of 4.6 billion US dollars as per 2019. Anwar Pervez is the founder of a wholesale company named Bestway. Bestway was founded in 1976 and it has 3.4 billion GBP in revenue. The best way has several business sectors. This company has  Pharmacy, Banking, Real Estate, and Cement company.

Well pharmacy, UBL, different Warehouses in the UK, and Best Way Cement are the companies owned by Mr. Mohammed Anwar Pervez Obe.

3. Sadruddin Hashwani:

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With a net worth of 3.4 billion US Dollars, Sadruddin Hashwani is on third in our billionaires Pakistan list. He is the founder of Hashoo Group. This company has many businesses. It has a Gelcaps Pakistan Limited which is a very famous company for making capsules. It has Pearl Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. which is a porcelain tableware manufacturing company. This business group also started different real estate projects which includes Burj Al Baher in Libya, Pearl City in Multan, and Milan Project in Italy. Hashoo group also owned many petroleum energy sectors. it started with Orient Petroleum Inc. and now owned 4 more petroleum industries.

Last but not least the famous hotels in Pakistan which are very liked by foreigners are also owned by Hashoo Group. Yes, we are talking about Marriott Hotel, Pearl Continental Hotel, and Hotel One.

4. Mian Muhammad Mansha:

Source: Bloomberg

Mian Mansha is another billionaire in Pakistan. He is a famous one. He has 2.5 Billion US Dollar net worth. Mia Mansha is the owner of the Nishat Group of companies. The newly opened Emporium Mall in Lahore Pakistan is also owned by the Nishat Group. Not only that, this group also has successful companies in all major business sectors. Companies like Adamjee Insurance Limited, DG Khan Cement, MCB Bank, Nishat Chunian, and Nishat Power Limited are owned by Nishat Group.

The main reason many people know Mian Mansha is because of Nishat Mills which is the famous textile industry in Pakistan.

5. Malik Riaz:

Source: Medium

Another very famous Pakistani Billionaire is Malik Riaz. He has a net worth of 1.5 Billion US dollars. His story is full of hard work and dedication and there are also some rumors regarding fraud. But this man initially worked as a clerk in a construction company and because of dedication and hard work he is now the well know real estate businessman in Pakistan. He was born in Rawalpindi Pakistan. The famous real estate project Bahria Town is owned by Malik Riaz. Mall of Lahore is also the project of Bahria Town. Now Bahria Town is in all the major cities in Pakistan which include Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

6. Nasir Schon:

Source: Pride of Pakistan

Nasir Schon has a net worth of 1 Billion US dollars. He also becomes a famous billionaire because of the real estate business. Schön Properties is a very famous real estate business in Dubai. He founded his company in 2007 and because of the high demand for real estate projects he becomes a billionaire in a few years. Nasir Schon is basically from Karachi, Pakistan. He owns projects like Schon Business Park, iSuites, iServe, Lotus, and AVA Designer Residences.

7. Rafiq M. Habib:

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Rafiq M. Habib is the owner of House of Habib. He has a net worth of 0.95 Billion US dollars. House of Habib also deals in different business sectors. This group has companies running in Automobile, packaging, plastic, building materials, and Financial sectors. Not only that, but they also Run School and University named Habib Public School and Habib University respectively. The famous businesses owned by this group are Habib Insurance Company, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited, Thal Limited, Indus Motors Company, and so on.

8. Tariq Saigol:

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The last person in our list with a net worth of 0.9 Billion US Dollar is Mr. Tariq Saigol. Tariq Saigol is the owner of Saigol Group. The companies running under these groups are Kohinoor Rayon Limited, United Chemicals, Insecticides (Pakistan) Limited, and Kohinoor Oil Mills Limited. Maybe it is possible that many people don’t know about these companies but the most famous companies like PEL and Maple Leaf Cement are well known by many readers. These two famous companies are also owned by Saigol Group.

These are the top 8 billionaires Pakistan. The number one thing that we understand after reading about them is that always love what you are doing.

Those billionaires who are operating their business in Pakistan are making the economy of Pakistan better. And it is evident that all the companies mentioned in this blog post are the famous ones in Pakistan and they are not only generating massive profit but also creating millions of jobs in Pakistan.

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