1. Why startups fail?

Answer:  One of the main reasons for the failure of startups is poor management. Usually, employees are not much experienced; they are unaware of handling the employees and daily tasks.  The second reason for the failure of the startup is a business model failure. As mentioned earlier that they are less experienced, therefore, they can’t choose the correct business model which leads the startup to the failure. The third main reason for the failure of startups is the shortage of cash. Startups must have a backup for cash for at least a year, there will increase the chances of their survival.

  1. What is startup?

Answer:  A startup is a company or a project that is initiated by an entrepreneur. It can also be defined as a newly established business. Sometimes people get confused between small-business and startups, well Small businesses are driven by profitability and stable long-term value, whereas, startups are focused on top-end revenue and growth potential

  1. How many startups are there k in Pakistan?

Answer: The concept of startups emerged in Pakistan in the last decade. According to a survey, there are over 100 startups in Pakistan.

  1. How many startups fail?

Answer: The number of failures of startups can not be determined easily. However, according to the survey out of 100 percent, only 30 percent of the startups survive for 2 years and only 25 percent of the startups survive for over 15 years. It all depends upon the management and cash backup

  1. How much do startups pay interns?

Answer: As startups are the newly established business, their prime focus is to keep the business running effectively and maintain the cash flow. Therefore, on average in Pakistan startup pays 10,000 PKR to 20,000 PKR.

  1. Why do startup fails?

Answer:  Same as Question 1

  1. Top startups of Pakistan?

Answer: There are a lot of successful startups in Pakistan. Among them some of the famous and top startups are

  • Zameen.com
  • Daraz.pk
  • Bestsongs.pk
  • Bykea
  • CarFirst
  • Pakwheels


  1. How many startups start every year?

Answer: In the whole world, there are over 100 million startups that are started every year. However, due to a lack of resources, these startups don’t last for a long time.

  1. How startups raise capital?

Answer: Capital is one of the main things for the success of startups. There are different options for startups to raise capital. If they have enough cash they can continue with it. In case if they have a shortage of capital, they can get funds from the investors. Some of the options that startups have to raise their capital include

  • Trade Equity or service
  • Small business loans
  • Bootstrapping 
  • Incubator or accelerator 
  • Small business grants 
  • Local contest 
  • Keeping the day job


  1. When to pursue startup?

Answer:  There is always the right time for doing everything. Well, it is generally recommended that we should pursue a startup whenever there is a little responsibility on us. Obviously, with responsibilities, you cannot take chances or experiment to purse startups because startup may take years to generate a good amount of money. If you are a teenager then it is the best time to pursue your startup. 

  1. What is difference between ideas and startups?

Answer:  There is a difference between an idea and a startup. The idea is intangible and it is present in the mind of a person, whereas, the startup is a physical entity of the idea which is present in the mind of a person.

  1. How startups raise money?

Answer:  Same as Question 9

  1. What are top business ideas in Pakistan?

Answer: Pakistan is a versatile country. There are several options available to start a business in Pakistan. Some of the best business ideas in Pakistan are 

  • E-commerce 
  • Medical store business
  • Food business including delivery business 
  • Transport business
  • Import & Export business
  • Health Consultation business
  • Woodworks and manufacturing 


  1. What are innovative business ideas in Pakistan?

Answer: Innovation is defined as something new. One of the best fields for innovations in the IT industry. You can do any business online, for example, blogging, freelancing, e-commerce, and delivery services. You can also turn simple casual businesses into online like iron smith business. If you advertise your business online you can get orders from there as well.

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