Unity, Faith, Discipline. These are the three main things on which our Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah insisted upon. But today very few people in Pakistan are applying the teaching of our Quaid and its importance in our real life is fading away but this 21-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur is making our motto alive.

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Hassan Rauf Awan was born in Hazara Pakistan which is a beautiful northeastern area of Pakistan. He did his early education from Army Burn Hall college and Cadet college Batrasi. These institutions boost his confidence and increase the effectiveness of his speech and public speaking. For higher education, he moves London, and currently, he is doing LLB (HONS) from the University of Hertfordshire. Some people have built-in leadership qualities therefore he becomes the student representative and student ambassador of students come from 140+ countries around the world. He also writes articles and blogs for different UK universities. In his early education, he polished his debating and poetry skills therefore he is now also promoting the Urdu language in the UK through different seminars and is a good speaker.

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“Unity is Strength.” We heard this quote in our childhood but only a few people try to implement what they learned in their school. Hassan Rauf Awan started an organization that promotes the same concept of unity. He is the founder of an organization named United South Asia. In this organization, he is promoting unity with the help of fellow members among the second largest growing economy which is South Asia. Currently, this organization is representing 8 Countries which are Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Burma.

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In one of his interviews, he expressed that many countries like European countries are having a great economy after world wars but countries in South Asia have some issues. Pakistan and India are always having tension on their borders and they do not support each other. If all the countries in South Asia become united they can promote good business opportunities and can make their home countries better. He also expressed that we are spending a lot of money on buying wars equipment but if we become united that money can be spent on the education of people.

“The Modern Era Demands us to be United for Better Future of our Masses”.

Hassan Rauf Awan

No doubt he talks about unity between India and Pakistan but he also created a platform for our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. He is also promoting the Kashmir issue through this platform to help the people of Kashmir. In Pakistan where some people avoid speaking Urdu and think it’s cool to speak English. Hassan Rauf Awan is promoting the Urdu language in the UK. He also conducts different poetry seminars to keep our language alive in foreign countries.

Hassan Rauf Awan and Yousaf Bashir Qureshi in Bethak Poetry session

To promote the entrepreneurship and business mindset in South Asian countries he also conducts seminars. Recently he conducted an event named “Entrepreneurship With International Entrepreneurs of the Year”. In this event, Mr. Zeeshan Shah was the main guest. He is a well-known entrepreneur and CEO of One Investments and CPIC Global. Haasan Rauf did the detail Q&A session with him and Mr. Zeeshan motivates and tell the students about entrepreneurship.

Its time to leave everything and get united for the betterment of the future. We with our team are standing with this great cause by Hassan Rauf Awan- A proud Pakistani. Do follow him on Facebook and Twitter.