Takhleeq is a Pakistani Business incubator, which is operating under the University of Central Punjab. To apply for the incubation in takhleeq is not easy. This is a proper guide about takhleeq and will also tell you guys how to apply for Takhleeq Business Incubator. The main concern of this incubator is to incubate the startups or ideas. In the past 10 years, the trend of startups has emerged in Pakistan a lot. Currently, there are over 100 startups that are operating in Pakistan. Well, in the coming section, we will discuss all in regard to the takhleeq only. Moreover, we assume that you guys know about the startups.

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An Introduction to Takhleeq

Well, as mentioned above, Takhleeq is a Pakistani based business incubator. It was established in 2018. The aim of Takhleeq is to incubate the startups for a period of 6 months in which they learn and get experience from widely design curriculum. The Takhleeq was started at the University of Central Punjab which is a famous university in Lahore. Moreover, until now Takhleeq has incubated many startups. In addition to this, some startups are quite successful.

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What services does Takhleeq offer

Well, Takhleeq offers a number of services to the startups. Here are some of the services that are offered by the Takhleeq

  1. Incubation for a period of 6 months. During these 6 months, Takhleeq provides assistance, experience, and learning to the startups.
  2. Takhleeq may also help the startups to find the investors.
  3. To have fun during free time. Takhleeq offers the service of gaming
  4. Takhleeq also does the task of mentorship by inviting different mentors
  5. Moreover, international speakers are also invited at takhleeq
  6. It provides the co-working space to the startups
  7. It helps in the legality and intellectual property rights for the startups.
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Introduction to UCP

Well, UCP or simple University of Central Punjab is a famous university in Pakistan. It is located in Lahore in the province of Punjab. The quality of education is not bad at this university. They offer a wide range of courses to study. In addition to this, there are certain scholarships available at the UCP as well. While talking about the Takhleeq we cannot skip UCP. Takhleeq was formed in the UCP and it is the project of the university of central Punjab. Students from the UCP try to incubate their ideas at takhleeq and few of them are also at quite a good position.

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Takhleeq Cohort

Takhleeq conducts two sessions in a year that incubates the startups. Until now, Three Cohorts are completed and the registration of the fourth one is closed. Here are some of the startups that were established in each cohort.

Cohort 1

The projects and startups that were incubated at cohort 1 are


ZAPS is among the first start that was incubated at Takhleeq. The main function of this startup was to provide and make fashion affordable and convenient for travelers.

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TTS- Tracked, Traced, and Secured

Just like ZAPS, TTS was also among the first startups of the Takhleeq. It is a logistics company that tracks the shipment with RFID and GSM technology.

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Job Venture Pakistan

Job Venture Pakistan is a platform that provides the competitive candidates to the companies. The aim of this company is to screen the potential candidates for the job.

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Cohort 2

The following are the startups and projects that were incubated during the 2nd Cohort.


Mushwarah is a famous platform that provides a credible solution to the customers through credible sources. Their website contains forums, blogs, videos, and business feasibility. In addition to this, there is a Mushwarah channel on youtube that is updated regularly. You can check all new mushwarah’s over there.

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Unison is a store aimed at selling products that includes hair straighteners, toys, and dryers. They also have an online store on the internet.

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The main idea behind this startup was to judge the capability of the students. They judge the intellectual ability and personality through gaming.

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This startup was a restaurant management system. It manages restaurants through effective resource utilization and enhances the overall profit.

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This is an online book store that provides the books to the customers at a market competitive rate. In addition to this, they had an excellent delivery system. All of their books are verified.

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Third Cohort

The following are some of the projects and startups that were incubated at the third cohort


This is an online therapy application. You can get professional consultations from the doctors. Moreover, you don’t required any travel expenses to get the consultations.

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This startup is for women’s reproductive health. You can consult with medical professionals. In addition to this, they also address 68% of the women productive health.

Wonder Women

Wonder Women is a startup that provides sanitary pads to the ladies at their location. These pads will be available in the vending machine in the toilets, universities, and workplaces.

Pansar ki dukan

Pansar ki dukan is an online store that provides 100% natural herbal products to their customer at market competitive prices.


The main purpose of Koshik is to manufacture the Peshawri sandals for the ladies with the tire sole and leather.


Lapterra is a platform for laptop geeks. They provide all the information required to you before purchasing a laptop.


Rector.ai provides the candidates for the job using AI techniques. This company finds the right combination for the company based on capabilities.

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Taamash Gah

The main goal fo Taamash Gah is to produce short videos, episodes, documentaries, and web series. You can find their videos on Facebook, youtube, and Instagram.

Hybrid Motorbike

The main purpose of this startup is to convert your bike into hybrid technology. With hybrid technology, don’t worry about fuel consumption, because your bike will run on battery and fuel.

Disposable Leaf Plates

The purpose of this startup is to provide the disposable leaf plates to the customer which are environmentally friendly. By using these plates you won’t be damaging the environment.

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Product Analogy

This startup focuses on the information of the products. You should check the information on the products before presenting it to someone.


This startup focuses on the power of inspiration and creation. They have an application through which people share their inspiring stories.


This is one of the best startups of third cohort, you can sell and purchase smartphones online while at home. In addition to this certain warranties are provided on the used smartphones. If you want to purchase a used smartphone, then this is the best option you had.

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How to apply at Takhleeq

Well, you can apply to Takhleeq online. Just visit their website and keep on checking when the registration will be open for the next cohort. The applications are open twice a year. The next application will be available in August 2020. Meanwhile, keep on visiting their website for further information.

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