Can girls be an entrepreneur? If you are still doubting then you did not know about Laraib Abid who develop an app MASHAL and this Mashal is spreading the light of awareness and knowledge among different people in Pakistan. Mashal by Lariab Abid is the best example that girls can be entrepreneurs.

Laraib Abid is a social activist, trainer, and the Executive Director Programs of MASHAL platform. After coming back to Pakistan from the US, she got an offer to work as a national program manager by China Development Association. The project on which she first worked was MY Rights My Voice by Oxfam. She won 20 national and international awards because of her work and innovative ideas. Most of them are given on her unique ideas. She got Youth Icon Award, Star of the Organization form DDS, Young Leader Award by IPSS( institute of peace and secular studies), Award from Denmark Organizations Like Women Deliver, Unleash Lab, and so on.

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The number one award that she got is from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which is founded by Bill Gates and his daughter Melinda Gates. Laraib got an award by 120 under 40 an organization that is founded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its main focus is on family planning. She got an award because of its MASHAL app idea and she also got the grant for her idea from the same foundation. She is a proud Pakistani who represented Pakistan in 8 countries. This young entrepreneur and social worker wanted to be a change-maker and therefore, she developed an app named MASHAL.

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MASHAL Bridge the Gap

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MASHAL is the first-ever Pakistani mobile application on Family Planning. The idea of developing this app comes in her mind when she saw one of her friends in trouble related to this. With the help of this app any lady can learn about family planning, can solve issues, and can search nearby clinics in real-time. To make this app beneficial and understandable for both Urdu and English speaking people she provided information in both languages. For downloading this app on your handset form Google Store click here and also check out the Facebook page of this app. You can also visit the official website of MASHAL to get more information. No doubt a good idea needs a team to spread awareness therefore every individual of Pakistan who is spreading their creative work on health issues is a member of their team.

Many people might be thinking that this app is only for females but Under this app Laraib is also working for young Youth and therefore she developed a platform named Do Wonders. Through this platform, she educate and guide Pakistani students on how to get foreign scholarships and grants. This initiative is equally important for every student irrespective of their field. You will get tips and tactics for getting scholarships and entry in exchange programs, paid internships, startups, seminars, workshops, master programs free of cost. Take advantage of this opportunity, learn, and give back to Pakistan just like Lariab Abid is giving. Besides this, she is also working on different other projects one of them is to spread peace among different religious societies in Pakistan.

You can connect with this enthusiastic entrepreneur and social activist on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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