The concept of incubation centers has emerged a few years back in Pakistan. The business incubators are the companies that provide the newly developed businesses or startups with management training and office space. They also provide all technical and vocational training as well. With the development in the IT industry, this concept also gained much strength. According to a survey, there are over 100 million startups in the world. Pakistan is the third most country that is contributing to freelancing and online works in the world. There are many incubation centers that are currently operating in Pakistan. Even the government has also launched a few of the centers to help the IT industry. In the coming section, we will look at the top 10 incubation centers in Pakistan. Here are the top incubation centers in Pakistan.

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1. Plan 9

This incubation center was launched by Punjab Information Technology Board, which is governmental machinery for Information technology. They offer fully furnished offices and training at quite a low cost. In addition to this, they also offer a stipend. It is located in Lahore. Some of the famous startups which were incubated at Plan 9 was Markhor, Eyedeus, Patari, and Sportskot. There are many more successful startups to check them out visit their websites. This incubation center rank on the first number among Top 10 incubation centers in Pakistan

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This was an initiative by NUST which is a famous university in Pakistan. The idea behind the NUST Tic was to bring academia and industry closer. There are a number of startups that have successfully incubated at NUST TIC. Moreover, it is located in Islamabad. 

Source: NUST

3. Takhleeq Business Incubator

Takhleeq was initiated by the University of Central Punjab. A total of three sessions have successfully completed and the 4 cohorts are enrolled. More than 25 startups have been initiated by Takhleeq. Moreover, it is located in Lahore. ‘

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4. Pasha Funds

The prime focus of this organization is to bring about innovation in technology through ideas. Pasha Funds have a partnership with Google, that’s why they have provided funds to 12 companies. The location of this organization is Karachi. 

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5. Seed Incubation 

The complete acronym of SEED is Social Entrepreneurship and Equity Development. It is located in Karachi. The seed has incubated over 13 startups. Moreover, it also provides services for investors and entrepreneurs in formal and informal sectors.

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6. Microsoft Innovation Center

This is a famous incubation center by Microsoft. MIC offer 12 weeks long training program for the entrepreneurs. In addition to this, they also receive feedback from the experts about the startups. Over 35 startups have already been incubated from MIC. The location of their office in Pakistan in Karachi.

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It is governmental machinery and it stands for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority. The prime function of SMEDA is to provide assistance to the small and medium level businesses. Moreover, SMEDA is running 28 projects whose expenditure is 4.2bn PKR. 

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8. Technology Incubation Centers KICS

KICS is a computer science department of the University of Engineering and Technology. They have also launched an incubation center which is called Technology Incubation Centers KICS or simply TICK. TICK has incubated more than 70 startups and over 200 jobs have been created by this department. Furthermore, the location of TICK is Lahore. 

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This is also a governmental institution that provides funds for research and development purposes. So far 14 projects have been completed and 38 are currently supporting projects. This industry is located in Islamabad. 

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This incubation center is operated by COMSATS which is a famous university in Pakistan. COMAST is famous for its information technology and business departments. Until now they have successfully incubated 2 companies and 3 projects. The location of their office in Islamabad.

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