Plan 9 is a famous Pakistani incubation center for startups. A startup is a new company that is at its early stage of development. Well, You must check out the Top Plan 9 Startups that were successful.

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What is Plan 9

Plan 9 started in the year 2012. They were the pioneers of the incubation center in Pakistan. A number of startups have incubated from plan 9 and currently, there are running as a full-fledged business. This incubation center is owned by the government of Punjab. It falls under the Punjab Information Technology board. In addition to this, there are a number of services that are offered by plan 9. The following are some of the offers.

  1. Internship program for the students who want to learn something new.
  2. Expo day for all the startups across Pakistan.
  3. Provide incubation for new startups.
  4. Offers a launchpad in which resources are provided to the startups.
  5. To empower the youth nation, they launch events like Whizkids.

Top Plan 9 Startups

Well, the following are some of the top startups that have incubated by Plan 9.


This is a platform for Saas, cloud computing architecture. It is a startup that enables the shopkeeper to get more orders through the application. Well, Hop Orbits is all about setting the online Store. You simply need to download the application from the AppStore or google play. After that create an account and start selling online. Well, if you are in the retail business, I would say that you should use this app.

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It is a travel journal application, which is incubated by plan 9. The main purpose of this web app is to share your traveling experience with others. You can also make a birds-eye view video to tell others about the place. Like in the past, you don’t need to write the memories on the piece of paper. Traverous will automatically do this for you.

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Qurbani app

This is the first Pakistani application through which the users can sell and purchase livestock. This application is really helpful for those who are in the business of livestock. It will help you during Eid-Ul-Adha. This application will facilitate from Qurbani lovers to the butchers and from white-collar professionals to feudal lords.

Source: Qurbanipk

This is also an online travel portal. The main purpose of Yugo is to provide the services to the customer regarding travel, visas, holidays, Umra, and travel insurance. We can say that it is like a virtual travel agency. All of the services will be provided to you online.

Pak Karubaar

It is a reselling business operating in Pakistan. They deal with both new and used item products. You can sell your old clothes or any home-based product through Pak Karubaar.

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Eat Sleep Repeat (ESR)

This is actually a food forum that is operating on Facebook. The prime purpose of ESR is to depict the quality, standard, and price of different types of food in Pakistan. It has over 250k members on Facebook. They also rank the restaurants on the basis of quality and price.

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It is a Pakistani based team that is working on the product that detects breast cancer. However, Hopcure is still in the research and development phase. This will help the patient to detect breast cancer at a very early stage. The team also targets to place that device in the emergency rooms of the hospitals and for walk-in patients. The main target is to detect breast cancer at an early stage is quite a low price.

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Venue Hub

This is the first Pakistani website that provides the portal to the customer and they can plan, consult, and book the event. This idea was also incubated in Plan 9. Venue hub also tries to generate employment opportunities for photographers, event managers, and caterers.

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