Takhleeq is a Pakistani business incubator by the University of Central Punjab. Its aim is to build a strong entrepreneurial community. We will be looking at the Top Startups of Takhleeq Business Incubator. This incubation center started in 2018 and provides the incubation of 6 months cycle in which the startups get to experience and try to implement their ideas. Startups have to pass from very difficult situations. Most of the startups are already in a shortage of money. Moreover, they also need to struggle a lot. I must say that these incubation centers are doing the best to promote the IT industry. In addition to this, if we keep on struggling like this, we will surely beat many other nations in Information technology.

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What is Takhleeq

As mentioned earlier, it is a Pakistani incubation center that incubated the startups. A startup is a new business that requires experience and learning. People are earning a huge amount of money from startups. In the coming section, we will list some of the Top startups that have been incubated by the Takhleeq.

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In addition to this, Takhleeq also offers many services to the newly established startups. The following are the services that they offer.

  1. Incubation program, which is a 6-month program in which all kinds of experience and resources are provided to the startups.
  2. Investment opportunity, that attaches the startups to the investors. The investors invest their money in the startup. Whereas, Takhleeq demand none from that investment.
  3. Takhleeq provides mentorship as well. In which the entrepreneurs and the professionals help the people to implement their ideas.
  4. Gaming rooms for the people that provide fun and leisure to the people working in the startups.
  5. International speakers and trainers are also invited that motivates the people
  6. Takhleeq also offers a co-working space that can host up to 64 people at a time.
  7. Takhleeq also offers legal advice to startups.

Top Startups of Takhleeq Business Incubator

Here are some of the top startups that have incubated by Takhleeq


It is an online therapy application. You don’t need to pay visits to the mental professionals. You can simply download the app and avail of the services. The overall fee and prices are quite low in Pukaar as compared to others.

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Mashal is an application for women empowerment. It addresses the issues related to the reproductive health of Pakistani youth. This app has a toll free number from which you can contact the professional for the guiding consultation. Moreover, they also have reproductive health-related products that may help you a lot.

Wonder Women

Well, wonder women provide sanitary pads to the ladies at their location. These products will be available through vending machines which will be mounted on the walls. It aims to eradicate the period of stigma among ladies in Pakistan.


Mushwarah is a famous platform that provides a credible solution to the customers through credible sources. Their website contains forums, blogs, videos, and business feasibility. In addition to this, there is a Mushwarah channel on youtube that is updated regularly. You can check all new mushwarah’s over there.

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Pansar Ki Dukan

Pansar ki Dukan is an online e-commerce store that provides 100% herbal and natural products to the customers at their doorsteps. The overall price of their product is also not that high.


It is a shoe manufacturer for ladies. They make Peshawari sandals for the ladies. The quality of their products are amazing. They manufacture Peshawari sandals from the same tire sole and leather. The work is done by a skillful workforce.


This is one of the best startups of third cohort, you can sell and purchase smartphones online while at home. In addition to this certain warranties are provided on the used smartphones. If you want to purchase a used smartphone, then this is the best option you had.

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This is one of the best web application for laptop maniacs. Lapterra provides all the information and comparison of all the laptops available in Pakistan. Well, we do recommend you to visit there once before purchasing a laptop.


Just like Rozee.pk, Reactor.ai is used to automate the recruitment process. Moreover, the application also shows the best matches for the companies and the employees. If you own a company then this will be very helpful for you.

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Tamaash Gah

The main purpose of Tamaash Gah is to provide entertainment to the users. They build short videos, web series, documentaries, and shows. After that, they are published on social media for the purpose of entertainment and learning only.

Hybrid Motorbike

Well, this is an innovation in the bike’s engine. They provide hybrid technology on bikes. If your bike is on hybrid technology, you don’t need to worry about petrol and oil consumption.

Disposable Leaf Plate

Well, these are the plates made from the leaves. One of the best things is that they are hygienic and are bio-degradable. By bio-degradable it means that these disposable leaf plates will never affect our environment.

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Product analogy

Product analogy is a product review platform. It contains all information and reviews about the products. Initially, the reviews are filtered and verified. These filter reviews are available on their page and website. Furthermore, this startup is very helpful for those who want to purchase the products for their loved ones.


Well, Geosocio is an inspiring application. It focuses on the power of inspiration and creation. This startup has already inspired many people. Moreover, it also allows people to share their stories with their surroundings to motivate others.

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