Digital Marketing is an emerging branch in the Marketing field. Almost every nation has gone digital. Two questions arise in the mind when you listen about digital marketing. The first is what is digital marketing and the second is why you need it? Well, in this digital world more than 60 % of the world’s population is online. According to a survey, over 3.010 billion people in the world internet users. Similarly, with the advancement in the field of social media, more and more people are spending their time using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Well, in the coming section we will discuss all about the digital marketing and the need of digital marketing in current era.

Digital Media

Before we go deep into digital marketing, we, first of all, need to know about digital media. Digital media is a place where people post, create, view, and preserve the content. Digital media is made from two distinct words, the word digital refers to the representation of data with a series of digits, whereas, media refers to broadcasting. So, the word digital media specifically means to broadcast through screens.

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Digital Media is a vast field it contains several products which may include smartphones, computers, and the internet. As technology evolves, digital media strengthens. In addition to this, we can observe that almost a decade before people use to purchase newspapers to read the news and to check the advertisements. Whereas, nowadays you can find all information on the internet. You don’t need to spend an extra amount of money in the newspapers. Similarly, companies are also spending more on digital advertisements and marketing than on paper advertisements. The following are some of the products that can be found in Digital Media

  • e-Commerce
  • Games
  • Websites and Mobile Applications
  • Social Media
  • Location-based services
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In addition to these products, the industries that digital media includes are

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Tech
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • E-Commerce

Impact of Digital Media

With the evolving technology, the use of smartphones, computers, and the internet has increased. Moreover, people spend their time on social media applications to pass their time. Digital media has raised a new method of learning and awareness. This digital media has empowered people for social interactions. Moreover, Digital media has also enhanced the business around the world which is one of the major impacts. It provides users with multiple options, for example with the help of digital marketing, the users can be provided with multiple options of a single product. Furthermore, digital media has also created a number of jobs in IT and Advertising industry

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On the other hand, marketing is a process or activity by a company to promote the buying and selling of the product or service. Without marketing, it is almost impossible to survive among the competitors. There are many types of marketing which may include Transactional Marketing, Scarcity Marketing, E-mail marketing, Newspaper Marketing, and social media marketing. However, we will discuss all regarding social media marketing in the coming section. The following are some of the outcomes of marketing

  • Increased number of customers and audience.
  • Better knowledge of the product among the audience.
  • Increase sales and overall profits.
  • Enhances the trust of the clients.
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Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect the audience. By social media platforms, means social media applications and websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. In the era of digital technology, there are billions of people on these websites. With the help of social media marketing, we can connect with the audience easily. Social media marketing may include content marketing, content creation, and publishing on social media profiles, engaging the followers, and social media advertisements. In addition to this, the tasks of social media are usually done by the agencies and there are several social media agencies in Pakistan as well. As smartphones start evolving, the scope of social media marketing has also increased. Under the next heading, we will look for the five core pillars of social media marketing

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The five phases of social media marketing

The following are the five core phases of social media marketing

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This is the first pillar of social media marketing, the whole process depends upon this phase. In this phase, there are some of the questions that you might need to answer. You need to make the whole strategy of marketing in this phase. In addition to this, we can say that it is an initial phase of planning. Some of the things on which we need to focus in this phase are

  • Goals of social media marketing
  • Platforms to use for marketing
  • Type of content

Planning & Publishing

This is the second phase of social media marketing. In this phase, you need to plan the whole procedure. In addition to this, you might also need to create the draft some post as well. Once your posts are verified now start publishing the posts on the social media platforms.

Listening & Engagement

In this phase, you might need to use social media listening and engagement tools. There are few tactics through which you can increase the engagement of the audience. Social media agencies may help you to attain your goals.


During Analytics phase, you might need to check how your social media marketing is performing, This is actually a performance test for your posts that tells how many people had reached to you. In addition to this, there are certain analytics tools that are used to analyze the posts.


This is the last phase of social media marketing, once your previous steps are successfully completed the next step is to add advertisements. Moreover, the Target audience is created on the basis of demographics, and advertisements are posted accordingly.

Benefits of social media marketing

There are several advantages of social media marketing for a business. The following are some of the benefits of social media marketing

  • It increases brand awareness among the audience.
  • Social media marketing enhances the inbound traffic, moreover, it also increases the ranking on search engines.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Increased sale and overall profits
  • Improves brand loyalties.
  • Better compete among the competitors

Social media marketing trend in Pakistan

According to the survey, there are over 37 million Pakistanis on social media websites. The trend is increasing day by day. From April 2019 to January 2020, there was a 7 % increase in social media users. In addition to this, we can also see that while on Facebook there are a number of advertisements from different brands. The concept of e-commerce is also gaining much strength with the passage of time. For an e-commerce website, social media marketing is just like oxygen for the human body. Furthermore, we can also find a number of social media marketing agencies in Pakistan, you can find them at every nook and corner of the country. Moreover, you can also find the pages of almost every business on social media websites. In the coming section, we will look for some of the best social media marketing agencies in Pakistan.

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Top social media agencies in Pakistan

The following are some of the famous social media marketing agencies in Pakistan

Coding Pro

It is a software house, they are famous for web development, social media marketing, financial solutions, graphics designing, game development, and software development. However, from the anonymous source, the company focuses 50% on social media marketing.

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Boundless Technologies

This company provides the services of website development, graphic designing, e-marketing, and website hosting. From the resource, the company focuses 20% on social media marketing.

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StartUPX is also an initiative in Pakistan. They provide a number of services. In addition to this, they also offer social media marketing for the clients. The company focuses on more than 80% on social media marketing. Moreover, they are also very competent and creative.


This is also a Pakistani based software house, that provides the services of game development, digital marketing, and advertisements. According to, the company focuses 15% on social media marketing tasks.

Source: GITEX Technology Week

Media Factory

Media Factory is a social media advertising agency. In addition to this, the company also provides the services of Business solutions. They also provide training services to professionals.

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StartupX Services

StartUPX is a company that provides multiple business solutions and services to its clients. Another best thing about the StartUPXthat it has all the resources for the clients. Some of the services that StartUPXprovides are the following

  1. Website development for your business
  2. Point of sale software for your business that ensures the operations running.
  3. Search engine marketing with effective keyword targeting, we lower your ad spend and help your advertisement thrive.
  4. StartUPXprovide the service of brand design and the strategy for your business
  5. Photoshoots for your new product, business, or restaurants.
  6. StartUPX also helps you to increase the traffic on your website through search engine optimization
  7. The company also helps to convert your business idea into a product by proper funding.
  8. It also offers the services of search engine optimization and brings your business page to the first page of google

Why StartUPX is different

Well, you might be thinking that just like many other companies StartUPX is also providing business solutions and Social media marketing. However, there is a difference. The main thing in social media marketing is all about creativity. We have got a number of professionals and creative personals that will work on your business idea and tasks. In addition to this, creativity is the only uniqueness in each and every task related to social media marketing and ideas.

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So, if you are looking for something different and creative, StartUPX is the best option for you. Moreover, if you wish to know further about the StartUPX, you can visit the website

Digital marketing jobs

With the advancement in digital marketing and technology, a number of jobs have been created by different companies. Some of them are even paying a handsome amount of money to their employees. Similarly, StartUPX is also offering a number of jobs for different designations in the field of digital marketing. Make sure to check out the details of the jobs at StartUPX by clicking here.

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