There are many overseas Pakistani entrepreneurs who are successful in their field, but only a few of them think about giving back to their home country. Azad Chaiwala is also one of them. He was born in Manchester, UK. He is now very popular in the UK because of his new business idea Let’s read about the complete info of Azad Chaiwala.

Starting with his birthplace. Azad Chaiwala is a UK born Pakistani entrepreneur. In Pakistan he some time stay in his home in Azad Kashmir. He spends 3 to 4 years of his early education in Pakistan. The first business he started was with 53 rupees at the age of 12. The motive behind doing so was that he wanted to buy a bicycle. But because of some personal reasons, he shut down it with a profit of 3000 rupees almost. The business he first starts was the candy business in Azad Kashmir. After that, he went back to the UK where he also did the hard work. As our elders say hard work is key to success. Azad Chaiwala worked in different local shops for earning his living. After some time, he started learning about game development and started his first business. Soon he becomes a millionaire at the age of 21. The first office he opened was in Romania and then in Dubai.

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The gaming industries were just starting at that time. Azad Chaiwala took advantage of that opportunity and started his gaming business. one of the well-known gaming website is founded by Azad Chaiwala. This website has 1 billion plus users and it has 650 plus games. So whenever you feel bore play these games online. The most viral game he made was the dirt bike which has been played almost 3 billion plus times. Not only that, after understanding the gaming businesses he co-founded multiple gaming studios and business. He has almost 700 million plus downloads on google play store.

Besides gaming, he also owns different properties in various countries. He also owns different domain names. In IT, investing in domain names is also a business. one of the worth million domains he owned is Currently he is also working on which is specifically for foreigners to motivated them to get married and the other website he is working on is this one is specifically for Muslim people who want to do the second marriage. he has been interviewed by almost all of the international media.

Azad Chaiwala started his YouTube channel in 2014 and since then he is uploading different videos to motivate Pakistani youth. He also shares some business secretes on investing in real estate. He also started educational institutes in Pakistan which are working to provide different creative skills to Pakistani people. Do follow him on YouTube for daily updates.
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